Friday, July 7, 2017

Duckweed or Azolla

For a backyard aquaponics as a hobby or venture it is imperative to have a sustainable supply of inputs for the fish. Fish feeds are one of the essential component in having a successful and fruitful backyard aquaponics.

So this time I went to experimenting which is viable alternative fish feed for me to back locally available source and to save some cash for the development of my backyard aquaponics.

I ordered these duckweeds from Marikina. About 150 pesos excluding the shipping, though the plants arrived half dead, literally I manage to count what was lift was about a dozen of leaves, but luckily it manage to survive and thrive using waste water from my aquariums and light from the sun.

However these azollas where not as lucky as the duckweeds. These azollas came from Bulacan and same as the duckweed they arrived half dead.

But after a thorough reading and researching in the internet, azolla have a symbiotic relationship with the blue algae, that are probably sensitive to some chemicals that might be present with that rubber flotation device that I fabricated. I might try again next time with different approach. Because it is good to have variety of feeds for the fishes, especially live and fresh veges.

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