Sunday, July 16, 2017


As results of trial and error progresses so as the level of tests. Mark II of vertical grow out for my plants are made of pvc Y and T fittings, this is a youtube inspired setup as endorsed by a friendly online forum admin sir James Howard in facebook group - Aquaponics Pinoy Enthusiasts. I prefer using the vertical method due to the space limitations that I have, I am only working on a 3 by 4 meters of flat land space excluding the re-purpose tank a 2m by 2m hollow and elevated concrete.

For the time being, I have used bulb onions as test subjects, and so far they all went well and healthy. Currently resources and work force are focused on building this setup surrounding this re-purposed tank. But at the moment the operation was on halt, due the the availability of cheap pvc fittings.

With respect to my current situation, I would like to recommend to fellow enthusiast the vertical setup for the plants' grow out. It saves space and manpower during cleaning, and ward off water dwelling pest and eliminates *dead zones that exists with horizontal setups. Moreover use same brand and quality of pvc fittings as much as possible to avoid conflict with dimensions and measurements during setups. For Starters who are involved with trial and error, Always buy the cheapest functional parts save and conserve your resources specially with pipes and fittings and buy your own tools or improvise your own.

Dead zones - an area where water stagnates and oxygenation is less or zero. For example are corners of a rectangular containers.

Although dead zones can be eliminated by putting drains or placing air diffusers or aerators. But it also depends on the shapes and sizes of containers. Weight in the pros and cons of your preferred grow beds. Good Speed to us all.

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