Friday, August 4, 2017

Going Hi-Tech

Making use of electronics to further develop my backyard aquaponics and urban gardening or farming. Just like the good old days of student life, making projects to ace a major subject. But this time its for the real life episode.

I stumbled upon this micro-controller called arduino a year ago, since then I was saving as much as I could to purchase parts and modules, so if a Billionaire is reading this post please hit donate, I would be more than happy to say thank you, and that your donation will go to the development of a food production facility for my local community.

These Arduinos were not cheap when they first release, Price was steep during the early days of release of this democratized MCU. But just recently prices were going down and I was able to purchase modules online. An arduino mega 2560 (1 year old), a 2 channel relay module and a DS1307 RTC with built in expansion for temperature sensor (optional).

For the initial software, I'll be programming this mcu to control a water pump like a hydroponics settings. 15 minute on and 15 minute off or whichever is more productive setting for the whole system with respect to the sun's presence. It will not only save me energy for the solar power banks and also time in turning on and off the pump manually during low power from sun's rays and with respect to my solar power station capacity.

I'll be posting more updates and DIYs regarding my R&D. Post comments or questions or suggestion. Thank you for your interest and support.

"Buy Your Own Tools! Upgrade Your Skills!"

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