Saturday, August 5, 2017

How to make your own clay Pebbles

Hydrotons or clay pebbles are so expensive and hard to find in my location, and if I do look for it online it will make the expenses of my aquaponics and hydroponics projects go steep!

So today I want to share to my fellow enthusiasts and visionaries of this field while making a run for their first base. The amazing DIY clay pebbles aka hydroton, but this time we will call it the clay chips ^^.

Now go get this clay pot lying around your laboratory  that has not been used for a year since you've been messing around with your soilless gardening and farming. The best thing on this part, is that you can use even cracked clay pots as your raw material. For FREE I repeat FREE ^_^

Then go get a hammer straight from your toolbox and pound it with medium effort, the goal is to make chips of your favored sizes not to crash them to powder. And after a few minutes you will have something that would look like this.

Now you have a clay chips medium that works just like an expensive hydroton or clay pebbles! Easy and awesomely cheap! This method is tried and tested by yours truly me.

Now go out there and hunt for free clay pots around your backyard or your neighbors' I'm sure they they'll be happy to give you there unused or discarded clay pots for free. If they ask you why, just tell them climate change needs help and by recycling there pots you are doing your part with their help ^_^!

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